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Michael W. Meissner: SIEM Architecture


Michael William Meissner is a Enterprise Architect and leads

Michael In Front of Royal Gorge Train Feb 2007_2 Ethernautics, Inc. IT Engineering and Architecture Practices.

Meissner has 30 years of experience across the Information Technology Domain and deep skills across the Systems Development Life Cycle.


Michael W. Meissner is a Cyber Security Engineer with deep understanding of Defense in Depth Architectures and the vital role in which SIEMS play within that architecture.

Defense in Depth - Target


Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) is a critical element in the enterprise technology stack that provides security Enterprise or Single Pane visibility and reporting capabilities, that assist in compliance and aid in assist in mitigating risk of cyber attack. Industry experience has shown that it is difficult for security professionals to deploy and manage. There are multiple frameworks that offer a structured approach for architecting, deploying and maintaining a SIEM’s in the organization.


SIEMS from a variety of vendors exist and they each have strengths and weaknesses, these effect the architecture significantly


AVDS (Automated Vulnerability Detection System): 

Vulnerability assessment and management solutions must deliver accurate reports.  Build security confidence by identifying and mitigating vulnerabilities in your Enterprise Systems and Network that are subject to cyber exploitation.

AVDS are designed to accurately scan networks foractive IPs and offer vulnerability assessment and management control from an administration console. Scanning management and report access rights can be granted to divisional or regional security administrators.




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General Topics of all that is S


IT Solutions Architects and Cyber Security Engineering

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