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Michael W. Meissner – IBM TIRS Training Certificate

Michael W. Meissner is an highly trained Solutions Architect and Knowledge Engineer with extensive Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems expertise. Mr. Meissner blends strong Artificial Intelligence Skills with 30 years of experience in infrastructure, systems, software, operational and cyber security achievements.

Mike. Meissner maintains Artificial Intelligence experience since the early-1980’s. Meissner, worked with IBM Knowledge Base Systems Center in Cambridge Massachusetts in developing IBM Artificial Intelligence Products and Services. Developing Application for Intelligent Vehicle Highway Systems (IVHS), Robotics and Automation, Health and Human Services, Facilities Management, Aircraft Scheduling and Maintenance, System Monitoring and Security.

In 1989 Mr. Meissner was awarded a Certificate for the successful completion of The Integrated Reasoning Shell Workshop by the IBM Corporation on October 27, 1989.

TIRS Workshop

The Integrated Reasoning Shell or TIRS is an IBM Artificial Intelligence Product. It’s development tool deployed on and OS/2 Platform. Deploying a thick client, highly distributed systems leveraging IBM Mainframe Databases and horsepower with the advanced Desktop UI.

Meissner work lead to early research into automation and robotics, deploying test for Neural Network based Robot Operating Systems (ROS) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

Michael W. Meissner – IBM Badge Circa 1985

Michael Meissner IBM Badge (Front) - No SN



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General Topics of all that is S


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