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Michael W Meissner – Robotics

Robotic Systems Engineer / Technologist

Mr. Michael W. Meissner has extensive skills in the Robotics Industry, drawing upon years of experiencs in Information Technology as an Enterprise Architect, designing and building complex infrastructures and impressive software engineering credentials. Mr. Meissner possesses deep knowledge of network technologies including Internet, Web and Cloud API’s. Meissner has years of experience in developing / implementing warehouse logistics systems, Plant Control Systems (PCS), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Automation and Industrial Robotic Systems and architecting robotics software and technology roadmap development.

Michael W. Meissner creates technology roadmaps and formulates strategies for designing industrial robotics solutions and web-based IT infrastructures; focusing on state-of-the-art control / dispatching software, leading applications, AI services and emerging IT innovations for the purpose of developing robotics product line.

Mr. Meissner develops use cases to identifying relevant technologies by interfacing with third party technology companies and internal R&D team members for establishing new businesses.

Mr. Meissner researches, evaluates and report on emerging robotics technologies to identify opportunities, trends and best practices that can be leveraged to strengthen products.

Mr Meissner deploys innovative R&D ideas using your deep understanding of current technology trends

Meissner analyzes information gathered from various research activities (such as industry experts, professional conferences and exhibitions). Mr. Meissner reviews and summarizes market research materials. Utilizing his continuous research, skills and experience Mr. Meissner designs layouts and formulates software technology roadmaps and applications to meet use cases.

Mr. Meissner engineers requirements, defines specifications and develop software prototypes.

Mr. Meissner stays current by tracking the latest academic research on robotics and meets with university professors

Mr. Meissner drafts written proposals and obtains buy-in from management and engineers.

Mr. Meissner assesses high level software technologies and workflow software needed in RPA (Robotic Process Automation) environments.

Mr. Meissner leads R&D team members in technology planning and direction for robotics and other projects.

Meissner has expert knowledge of Robot Operating System (ROS) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Solutions and/or Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs).

Michael William Meissner is a leading Enterprise Architect and founder of Ethernautics, Inc. Mr. Meissner has extensive experience in Infrastructure Cyber Security and Industrial Control Systems (ICS) with years of experience in Advanced Technology Sciences including Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Intelligent Vehicle Highway Systems.



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General Topics of all that is S


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